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Whatever the computer problem, we can help!


Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Broadband / Networking

Installing a new graphics card during a computer repair / upgrade

Computer running slow, freezing or overheating? Need a new graphics card to play the latest games? Running out of disk space? Need more memory fitted? Whatever the computer problem we can help.

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Setting up a new broadband router

Having problems with your broadband or network, or maybe just need your router set up? 

Windows 8 Start screen

Just purchased a computer with Windows 8, confused by the new start screen? 

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Virus or Malware Problems

Virus / malware removal

Viruses and malware can be spread through emails, instant messaging, social networking, infected websites and from illegal file-sharing sites.

They are normally designed to remain undetected and will often disable any existing security software and change your computer settings to prevent you from removing them.

They may steal passwords, and other personal information, try to fool you into paying for fake antivirus or other software, or even use your computer to send out spam. If you are affected by a virus or other malware just give us a call.

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